Two more shows announced...

Lillestrøm,Norway - We're coming through this Thursday 28 February 2013, with Leprous!

ITE has also a show on Friday 01 March 2013 at 20:00 Nes Kulturhus.


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ProgFest 2012

photo: Kjell Ivar Lund
If you missed out on one of our few live gigs this spring, we're announcing our appearance on ProgFest 2012, 14th of September in Oslo. Further details will be announced, but we can also promise the opportunity to hear more fine progressive music from other fine acts within the genre at this event.

More live shows will be announced.

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Audience Participation

Have you watched the trilogy yet? itstheendtv is the channel to subscribe to, leave comments etc. Happy absinthe weekend!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

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The last video variation on the theme - "Sickness Onto Death Part 1".

Due to an unstable butter supply and the recent demise of the stocky guy in the zhongshan suit, we had to delay the release of the final flick in our sickness-trilogy. But rejoice, cause 'tis the season for profound existential despair, so feast yer eyes on this unholy sacrifice from the wise men of It's the End.

YouTube quality:

Vimeo HD version:

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More videos?

You betcha!

When we decided to make the video for the track named "The Sickness onto Death Part 1", we also decided to make no less than three new videos in the process. The first one was unveiled last Friday and the second is being released right now! Check it out below!

The YouTube version:

... and the Vimeo version:

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New video and t-shirts?

Yes indeed!

The date is 11.11.2011 and the time is 11:11 PM. We're releasing the first of three new music videos today! And then - as an added bonus - there are new t-shirts for you to buy, with a design made by Robert Høyem!

The t-shirts can be bought right here:

The video can be seen at YouTube:

... or at the sometimes slightly more stable video service named Vimeo. Play this one if you're interested in better streaming in Full HD.

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It's the End is live

Doing the sound check
Originally uploaded by It's the End
Our how-to-play-this-stuff-live experiment was successful! After some serious experimentation, re-arranging, and searching for the right rubber pants, we put together a live show that we are quite happy with. Using a four-person band line-up this show represents a different, stripped down and yet very true It's the End experience. A big thank you goes out to our audience of the evening in question. They willingly subjected themselves to our experiment, and they actually even paid good money for it. Will we repeat our experiments somewhere closer to where you live? Perhaps. Perhaps.

This year's summer has sort of arrived in Norway (just like it always sort of does). We'll try to make some sort of attempt at enjoying it while laying down the plans for the coming autumn. Until then, you should also try to have a great summer! Hope to see you out there later this year!

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Merch and video(s) in the works

Have you ever had a craving for a really sweet It's the End T-shirt? Or maybe some underpants bearing our name - a little something special to show off to that equally special someone in your life? Or have you been wishing for something else entirely? Please let us know! We'd really appreciate some feedback on this.

Nevertheless, the process of getting some proper It's the End merch to the marketplace has been kicked off last week, as we contracted a very talented Norwegian artist to do some work for us. As usual, more details will be served to you on this subject in the relatively near future.

The upcoming video(s) for an - as of yet - undisclosed track from our debut album, is(/are) currently still in the works. Behind the scenes photos from the shooting of this(/these) video(s) have been made available on Flickr, Facebook and our website. More such photos - and even videos - exist, and will be made available leading up to the release(s).

As we set out to make this(/these) video(s) we realized that we actually had a potential for creating more than just one single video, even when choosing to do the shooting of the whole thing over just one weekend. This was much thanks to the fantastic efforts of Kjell Ivar Lund, who worked for an unknown number of days just to get the set ready. Our time on the set was further reduced through the use of three cameras and just as many photographers. How many videos are we making then? We will let you know...

Kjell Ivar has since then completed some animation sequences, and the editing and post-production phase is getting closer to its end. The release date of the video(s) is(/are) still pending, however.

More news to follow in a little while. Until then; enjoy the remains of spring 2011 (if you're living on the northern hemisphere) and stay progressive (where ever you are)!

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News on upcoming video(s)

You probably already figured out from our tweets and Facebook profile updates that we spent a few days recording some sort of a video, fairly aptly (or perhaps just randomly?) codenamed "Anti Climacus", a few weeks back. At the point in time when you're reading this, you may be asking yourself: "What the hell is this video about? And when the hell do I get to see it?"

Funny thing is that this post isn't going to answer any of those questions.

However, the photo that accompanies this post should give you a clue or two. We didn't want to leave you completely empty-handed and clueless.

By the way, being huge gadget freaks, we just couldn't keep ourselves from rewarding our equal minded fans with a little something extra. We just uploaded a small set of 3D photos that we took with a Nintendo 3DS while on the video location. So, if you got one of those things, download the images, transfer them to your very own 3DS and view them in their 3D splendor.

Here are the links to the 3DS photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

As for the final video (or was it videos?) that will be the result of all this, you will get to see it when it's all done. As of late, we've been resorting to locking up certain band members in tiny, dirty motel rooms in order to force them to do nothing but edit hours upon hours of goddamn video footage. The things we do for our fans...

If our efforts pay off, you'll get another post with more info fairly soon. Until then, well, do what ever you like.

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A very Happy "It's the End of 2010" to you and you and you...

Priam from Progressive Area wrote a very nice review in the very last few hours of 2010, and we feel that it's appropriate to share it with all you people out there, now that the year is coming to an end. Since it's written in the language of the French it's perfectly accompanied by a well chilled magnum bottle of Champagne and sauteed cuisses de grenouille (frog legs).

More seven stringed compositions are in the pressure cooker (Thanks Denis Papin) that will blow out its steam in 2011.


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We'd like to Thank butter, for being fatty and versatile. I mean, you can use it for almost any imaginable fucking thing known to man! We'd like to thank all those child laborers in the tHird world countries for making Excellent quality guitar strings, in spite of terrible working conditions. And those guys cutting down the world's dwindling forests in order to harVest wood for drum stIcks. You know, working out there in those terribly Damp rain forests. That's tough shit, you know! You can gEt all sorts of unknOwn diseases, and your mind can fragment and fall to tIny pieces from being isolated from people over long periods of time... And your bulldozer's roaring monster V12 engine can screw up, hundredS of fucking miles away from the local garage with diluted diesel fuel and fake Wunderbaums, yOu know! And then what you gonna do? Huh? What yoU gonna do? You'd have to pull out a Philips screeeewdriver, and get your hands dirty. The spoon in your swiss army knife ain'T gonna help you, that's for sure!

"and... but... also... a new car!" And a members' site. That's right! And it's still probably not too late to sign up. Maybe.

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Kill those evil aliens!

... "With whips and chains and hand grenades". Or maybe a chainsaw. Or utilize a used up roll of toilet paper in ways hitherto unbeknownst to man.

A new video and a members' site are being launched in less then three days! Ohmagod! There's hardly enough time to sign up using the box below!

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Hangin' out in the new studio

Our new studio is very, very close to actually being completely completed. In celebration of this, we did some celebrating last weekend. All fourteen members of It's the End were gathered in that same studio for the very first time, and the photos that accompany this blog post were taken to commemorate this event.

What secret clues do you think that they reveal?

Speaking of clues. At the moment of writing this, only one week is remaining until the countdown has counted down. So sign up to our mailing list! Sign up! Sign up now! We're launching a new video and a members' site simultaneously! Can you believe it? You can sign up using the box below.

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Now, what's that goddamn countdown all about anyway?

Less red
Originally uploaded by It's the End
Right about now that goddamn countdown at is stating that some imaginable thing is maybe not going to happen roughly two weeks from now. Are we trying to predict The End™, as so many crazy religious people have tried to do throughout known history? Are we just very fond of writing little pieces of JavaScript to annoy our fans? Are we going to make something publicly available for everyone to maybe not enjoy?

The third option seems the most likely, right?

We're also trying to annoy our fans with signing up on our mailing list these days. The fans that let themselves get duped into giving away their precious e-mail address will be rewarded with access to exclusive digital material.

Is nothing ever free? Not really.

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Imaginary imagery

All red
Originally uploaded by It's the End
Imaginary imagery. Unlike the imagination of Decartes and less in the tradition of Bombelli, and perhaps very far removed from the likes of Takahashi-san, we continue not to peruse certain or any elemental crumbs thereof. As of late we have not been working on any of it - having perhaps not focused hard enough on any lame excuses for not doing so - but thought we might maybe start to pick tings up from the proverbial ditch in the sulcus where it once may have been left behind.

If the lazy in you has not started spreading, you might want to know more about what we are not telling you. Why not sign up on our mailing list, and then maybe, just maybe, it will somehow be worth it.

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Interview with - For real this time!

We engaged in a little back-and-forth with Mr. Wanzek from over a period of time that probably would seem quite short to a closely shaved Buddhist monk, meditating feverishly and pondering the significance of short-person behavior in pedal-depressed panchromatic resonance and other highly ambient domains. Our analog hands hammering out digital streams of letters, exchanging mere fragments of what could seem to be ramblings of a semi-conscious mind, at increasingly longer intervals. Interspersed only by the loud banging on the invisible walls that envelop and inhibit the unconscious plane from crossing over to - or bleeding and seeping into, if you will - the oh so finite universe that less agreeable humans have defined for us to slowly crawl through the mud in.

The slightly perverted results can be read at leisure right here!

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We've been blessed with quite a few reviews of our debut album "It's the End" over the last year but this one is really "It's the Endish". Thor Wanzek at caught us red-handed mixing our secret brew with the main ingredient and our not so secret love, absinthe. The progression of diminished chords was failing and the dark force was all over us again, seducing us into its lair of triads in the key of C. We were playing a pop song again...

It's the End - 2010

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Bringing whores to Epileptic Gibbon

Mr. Ian was kind enough to play our The Salesmen Are The Real Whores track on the 51st edition of the extremely excellent Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show, aptly entitled "Please Don't Feed The Animals". It seems somewhat relevant to quote the Norwegian band Ulver in this context, by asking: "What kind of animal are you?". Will you lend it your animal hearing organ, or will you not?

You can download the podcast by clicking right here!

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On the cover of Tarkus Magazine

We just did an interview with Tarkus Magazine. Not only were they kind enough to actually print all our absinthe laden answers - where we give away all our dirty little secrets - but they also used one of our photos for the cover! Visit Tarkus online or buy yourself a copy of the June issue for more info.

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No, we did not record a cover of Yngwie Malmsteen's Teaser! Who would even dear to think what that would sound like... But we did upload a tiny little teaser video for the video that you're probably all waiting for right now! This will hopefully make the wait for the real thing seem shorter.

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Soon out of copies

We can't really thank you, our fans, enough. What we thought would only be a family and weird friends thing, has turned out quite differently. The first batch of physical CDs is soon to be sold out! WTF? How did this happen? This is far beyond odd meters and superimposed quintuplets synchronized via CV in a barn somewhere to the left of Russia.

If you still haven't got your dirty little hands on your copy yet, maybe it's about time to do something about it? Huh? Huh? We'll start reprinting well before the CDs actually run out, so don't worry about not getting those same dirty little hands on that afore mentioned copy.

We're almost done making the very last video in the overly exciting, cheap and poorly animated Progawards trilogy. We'll get back to you very soon with a date for its release.

It's really all about using Absinthe in revised string theory. Well, kind of.

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New video slightly delayed

Hello, boys and girls!

We're keeping ourselves insanely busy these days, and as a consequence we were not able to complete our latest video in time to meet our own deadline. No cause for alarm, perspiration and/or hyperventilation, though, as it's very near its completion. We just need time to make the final edits. You'll get to see it very soon! We promise.

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It's the End, winners of Progawards 2009

Paper cut
Originally uploaded by It's the End
Dear boys and girls, all the mundane members of It's the End are assembled today to celebrate winning the Progawards' "Best Debut Record 2009"! This international award was perhaps somewhat unexpected, although entirely predictable by evolved string theory. Several quarts of absinthe have been consumed, and not only root canals have been cleaned, according to a Swedish reviewer. Somewhere to the south we can see off-tossed pope-strangling madness, and people cannot trust their lawyers or spouses at this point. Expect detailed photographic documentation of this "pardy-hardy-event" to show up on the web in the following days and weeks.

Arigatou gozaimasu

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Proceding to the Progawards finals

We're in the finals, boys and girls. Why not celebrate it with another video, that gives our fans a sorely sought-after quick peek into our secret laboratory. This video was shot in the dark lair, in the annex of our Secret Quarters. Enjoy!

Do root canals get cleaned? Yes, they do.

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Great reviews from around the globe

Originally uploaded by It's the End
We just found some new reviews on the world wide web, or the Internet as some of you call it.

The first one comes from Prog-Nose. It's an E-Zine from Belgium. They do reward us with 7/10. Thank you guys! Enjoy the read.

The second review comes from Mexico. is the site. Our knowledge of Spanish is limited to Babelfish's wizardry, however, and Mr. Babel is not always spot on. But the 9/10 says it all for us, so Salud! Check it out in Spanish.

Photo: Kjell Ivar Lund

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